Towel Tech

There’s nothing more important to us than simple effective design that does the job properly. We’ve worked hard to create a product with innovative features that aid your ability to get out there and soak up every last drop.

The Fabric

A good towel starts with the fabric, and we think we’ve provided you with the best. Our towels feature both eye-popping designs and our classic herringbone print, but more importantly, their trademark waffle texture soaks up more and feels great on your skin. Our classic rectangle towel can absorb up to one-liter of water, and dries three times faster than its cotton counterpart. The towel's cutting edge technology ensures you leave the beach behind you, as sand is repelled with just a shakeMost importantly to us, however, the odour resistant fabric is made from recycled material, helping you keep clean . . . both physically and environmentally.

The Design

Weighing in at just 500g our towels are there to lighten the load. Paired with a handy hanging loop, and a roll tie our design ensures a compact towel without the faff of a bag. Rolled up these little guys measure just 20 cm x 10 cm (and only 20 cm x 13 cm for our big roundies), so you’ve no longer got an excuse to overstuff your suitcase.